With a bridal party of eight or more, Athena steps in and lends a helping hand. Athena sets each person's hair, prepping it and readying it for Britt to style. 

 * Gianna's Gallery *

Gianna graduated from Capri Institute of Cosmetology at the top of her class. Due to her determination, dedication, and love for her field, she has mastered a wide range of hair styles and techniques. However, her expertise and passion is in bridal and special event hair styling.

Gianna credits herself to always keeping up to date on the latest trends so that she can provide her clients with the exact look they want. 

Gianna says,
“The greatest part about my job is that I absolutely love what I do. I take such pride in perfecting a style because I know it will make my bride feel special and most importantly, look beautiful. To me, there is nothing better than that.” 

When Britt is booked or unavailable, she calls Gianna to step in and help out. 

Bridal hair services 

Meet Our Assistant Athena 

Athena attended Westchester School of Beauty Culture and has been continuing her education in cosmetology ever since. Her love for styling hair started at a young age. Growing up as the youngest to four sisters, Athena always had hair to play with, and plenty of models to spruce up. 

At the salon, her focus is directed on hair color, but her admiration for wedding hair styling has drawn her to study the art. Outside of the salon, Athena keeps her attention on the current looks and practices to perfect her work.

Athena says, 

"A bride's wedding day is a day that she will always remember. Being part of a team that helps create these memories is a pretty a tremendous thing and is something that I feel a great honor to be a part of."